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We have partnered with The Futures App to bring remote training to players. If you're ready to take ownership of your skill development and get better this is the app for you. The Futures App gives you full access to MLB/professional players' drills, unique tips from their experience, and easy to follow lessons. In comparison to our other catching programs you will receive:

  • Drill work with video provided by current and former Major League players
  • Drill work with video provided by KGS Baseball
  • Strength programming created by collegiate strength coaches
  • Tracking for your drill work and strength program
  • Comparison and breakdown of your own videos via the "video" feature
  • Example catching/hitting routines posted in our "feed"
  • Option for video submission and review (add-on feature)
  • Additional drill work for pitchers, infielders, and outfielders from MLB players

We are excited to roll out this platform and combine our own instruction with that of some of the best players in the game. As mentioned above, there is a video submission feature that you can use to send us your training or game videos for breakdown and analysis. If interested, please contact us for pricing and availability.

The Futures App is currently only available for iPhone and iPad users.

Who this is for: players and coaches looking for instructional guidance, information related to the catching position/swing, and access to strength training at the touch of your phone. Your TFA subscription also includes Big League instructional content for infielders, pitchers, and outfielders from current and former MLB players.

Please note: upon purchase you will download a document containing information on how to download and access your subscription to The Futures App. Please make sure that you download immediately. Your subscription will remain active until three, six, or twelve months from the date of purchase depending on which option you select.

Cancellation policy: cancellation is only available for the months following the current period. The first month of your purchase in non-refundable and follows our policy on the return of digital goods and services (see "Terms and Conditions"). You must notify KGS Baseball regarding cancellations before the beginning of the next month.

Pricing breakdown: for a recommended training schedule of 3 days per week, your cost is less than $2 per training day for a 3 month subscription. Price per training day is lower for our 6 month and 12 month options.


We've partnered with The Futures App to bring you Big League instruction, strength training, and other features that will help you elevate your game. Learn from some of the best players in the game with their drill work and routines while also utilizing instructional content from KGS Baseball. In addition to the content and programming included in the app, you will receive example drill routines for each month (catchers and hitters), video comparison tools, and a strength program tailored to your position/age. Head over to our shop​ for more details and subscription options. If you would like more information or have any questions, reach out at any time!