KGS Baseball Catching Program


Not quite ready for in-person instruction or remote training? The KGS Catching Program is back. This program features one month of training for catchers who want to develop their skill and complete meaningful reps. If you are a parent or coach looking for guidance on catching skill development this is also a great option for you! This program includes four weeks of drill work broken out over twelve days. You will be completing exercises related to mobility, receiving, blocking, transfers, footwork, throwing, and strength behind the plate. Upon purchase, you will receive instructions on how to access KGS Baseball's catching drill database with 150+ exercises and drills. Although minimal, some training equipment is required for this program:

  • Shin guards, chest protecter, and catcher's mask
  • Catcher's mitt or training mitts
  • Baseballs/softballs
  • Plyometric weighted balls (recommended 1LB-2LB depending on age and strength
  • Tennis Balls or Smushballs
  • CRT Belt (recommended but not necessary)

If you have any questions about this program, or the differences between a program and remote training please reach out! Upon completion of the program, it is encouraged to continue building out exercises and training schedules based on the exercises that provide the most benefit to you. If you are looking for a more dedicated training option, please inquire about remote training with KGS Baseball.