The Framework To Excel Behind The Plate

The Catcher's Receiving Handbook



Not intended for use with pitching machines, high velocity settings, or while catching a pitcher. Resistance assembly is inherently restrictive and may cause injury if not used properly. Using the CRT Belt 2.0 with a pitching machine is to be completed at your own risk. Full disclaimer included in product instructions provided at purchase.

Are you looking for information on what is being taught to high level catchers?

Do you want to know why you are seeing catchers setup on one knee and move the glove through the pitch? This Handbook contains our thoughts on the current state of receiving the baseball and is written from the perspective of a current professional catcher. With so much change at the catching position in recent years, we want to provide a framework for what we feel makes for a successful (and valuable) receiver in today's game. This Handbook is not a list of drills to use while training (however, it does inlcudes all of our catching drills). Instead, this Handbook covers:

1) Modern receiving philosophy (i.e. what "modern" receiving is) 

2) Traditional and one-knee stances

3) Using both types of stances for receiving success

4) Targeting and

5) Glove mechanics

We also discuss other things we feel are pertinent to receiving the ball, including sign giving, game calling, and receiving focused training environments. The bulk of our Catcher's Receiving Handbook focuses on setups, targeting, and glove mechanics. Whether you are a player, coach, or parent you should find this eBook to be a valuable resource with over 100 pages of actionable content. Handbook will be downloadable immediately upon purchase.