We've partnered with The Futures App to bring you Big League instruction, strength training, and other features that will help you elevate your game. Learn from some of the best players in the game with their drill work and routines while also utilizing instructional content from KGS Baseball. In addition to the content and programming included in the app, you will receive example drill routines (catchers and hitters), video comparison tools, and a strength program tailored to your position/age. Head over to our shop​ for more details and subscription options. If you would like more information or have any questions, reach out at any time!

Improve On The Field


Are you looking to improve your game? At KGS Baseball, we've worked with numerous youth athletes and collegiate players. Our approach to in-person instruction is our ethos: "Keep the Game Simple". We will work to enhance your skill, mindset, and output on the field by communicating high level information in a simplified and efficient manner. In-person training for catchers and hitters with Kyle Schmidt is located in Denver, CO for 2022. 2023 lesson information will be posted when available. If you are a catcher who is interested in remote training, please see the info below or contact us!