Train Like the Pros

Developed by professional baseball players, our design is a direct result of searching for an easier way to train how we receive the baseball/softball. The CRT Belt is ideal for any catcher looking to improve their receiving skill.

Receiving Training, Simplified

By incorporating the CRT Belt into your training, you will improve the efficiency of your reps, stay connected while receiving the ball, and build more repeatable receiving mechanics and dominate the strike zone.

Increase Receiving Strength

Simply hook up and get to work. The CRT belt comes with two resistance bands and two latch points to elevate your training & consistently help you build strength applicable to receiving the ball and winning the pitch.


What Is The CRT Belt?

The CRT Belt 2.0 and Small CRT Belt are training tools for baseball and softball catchers who want to enhance their receiving ability and execute the same movements as elite receivers in the game. The CRT, or "Catcher Resistance Training" Belt allows for resisted receiving exercises to be completed in an efficient manner.


Benefits Of The CRT Belt

  • Train with or without a partner
  • Build overall strength while receiving
  • Improve efficiency of your receptions
  • Stay connected while receiving the ball
  • Create better receiving mechanics

Used By College Teams Nationwide

Hear What Users Are Saying
"The CRT Belt is hands down the best training aid for a catcher. We incorporate it into our skill work every single day."
— Joe Mangiameli (Catching Coordinator, Philadelphia Phillies)
"HUGE fan of the CRT Belt. We've been trying to find creative ways of rigging up J-Bands to accomplish the same task. Kids love to train with it as well.
— Rich Christensen (High School Coach)
"All of my catchers from youth to my pro guys use the CRT Belt. It's a great investment for any catcher."
— Billy Easley (Catching Coach, Evansville Otters)
“The CRT Belt has been a very versatile tool in my training, from warming up before bullpens to strengthening my shoulder and arm, the CRT Belt allows me to develop better movements and strength while receiving. I love that I can use it anywhere.”
— Grant Roosma (Collegiate Catcher and Instructor)
“The CRT Belt is a wonderful tool. Receiving is one of my son’s strengths. He’s very good with that and the CRT Belt is helping him to get to another level.”
— William Ochsenfeld (Parent)
"The training tool has been great! Totally believe in it really because of its simplicity. Easy to use and straight forward."
— J.P. Paxton (Parent)
"This is a great product. I have used this with catchers from middle school up to the Division 1 level. This should be in every catcher's tool box that is serious about maximizing their potential."
— Brian Tomasini (Collegiate/CCBL Coach)