About KGS Baseball

Thank you for visiting KGS Baseball! To put it simply, it is our mission to help you become a more complete baseball player. "Keep the Game Simple" is our tagline and we believe in simplifying the complexities of this game so that you can improve your skills on the field. KGS Baseball is the result of years of professional baseball experience. ​Read below for more information on us or get in touch with us here! Be sure to check out the CRT Belt and our training options in the links above.​

Former Catcher - Minnesota Twins | Current MiLB Coach - Red Sox


Originally from Smithville, TX, Kyle has had a passion for catching his entire life. After High School, Kyle attended the University of Richmond and became a starter for the Spider Baseball Team. Kyle received his degree from UR in May of 2019. 

Following his 2019 season, Kyle was drafted in the 33rd Round of the 1st Year Player Draft by the Minnesota Twins. Kyle voluntarily retired after the 2023 season and will be coaching with the Boston Red Sox during 2024. During his playing career, Kyle was fortunate to have played at every Minor League level while also being involved in multiple Major League Spring Trainings.

Kyle brings his professional mindset to catching instruction where he facilitates the development of strong fundamentals, while also being well versed in modern catching techniques that are used at the highest levels - one knee setups and high-level receptions are his specialty.

Ultimately, Kyle strives to build foundational catchers who are proficient in all aspects of the position. Players will become familiar with and improve their mobility, receiving, throwing, blocking, setup, and mentality.

In-person instruction for 2024 will resume at The Baseball Company in Charlottesville, VA later this year. Remote training for catchers and hitters is offered on a select basis within The Futures App. If you have a moment, check out Kyle's favorite baseball memory here!