Frequently Asked Questions

What does the CRT Belt do?

The CRT Belt helps to improve a catcher's receiving skill. By using the CRT Belt, you will create stronger and more efficient glove actions that translate to the game.

How is the CRT Belt used?

The CRT Belt is worn around the waist and attaches to the wrist of a catcher's glove hand. By adding resistance, the catcher will not be able add unnecessary movements while receiving, thus improving overall efficiency of glove actions while building applicable strength throughout the reception. The resistance band will also promote better connection between the glove and the body. For further explanation, check out this post on our Learn page.

Should I use the CRT Belt on a machine or with a pitcher?

We do not recommend using the CRT Belt in any higher velocity environment. Wearing a resistance band while receiving is inherently restrictive and may cause injury if not used properly or as outlined by KGS Baseball. For full product instructions and disclaimers, click here.

At what age should a catcher begin using the CRT Belt?

We recommend that catcher's ages at least 9 and up utilize the CRT Belt in their training routines. However, it is up to each individual catcher to determine if this product is applicable to their receiving skill training. We have seen catchers as young as 8 years old implement the CRT Belt into their receiving work.

What model is right for me?

The CRT Belt 2.0 and Small CRT Belt are designed with smaller are larger sized individuals in mind. For sizing information, please refer to each model's product listing.

Can I create a custom package?

Yes! If you would like to order both the CRT Belt 2.0 and Small CRT Belt in a 3, 5, or 10 pack please contact us and we will build a custom order for you.

Where else can I purchase a CRT Belt?

We have partnerships with major retailers Dick's Sporting Goods and SCHEELS. You can find the CRT Belt online and at select stores, or at any of our smaller retail/wholesale partners.

What to do if the CRT Belt is sold out or backordered?

KGS Baseball is a small business and, due to demand, may sell out of stock periodically. If this happens, you will still be able to purchase on our website and your order will ship on or around the anticipated restock date. Otherwise, you may purchase elsewhere online or in-store as outlined above!

Do you offer discounts?

You will receive a promotional discount upon signing up for our mailing list (don't worry, we hate spam and will never blow up your inbox). We also offer discounts for collegiate and professional teams/players, as well as to facilities and other organizations when buying large quantities. Please contact us for more information if this applies to you.

How do I become a reseller?

If you are interested in a resell or wholesale partnership, please contact us for more information!

Do you sell other products on KGS?

Yes we do! You can head over to our shop to check out products from other brands that we currently offer. We are always looking to add new partners. If you're interested in selling on our website, shoot us a message!

Does KGS have an ambassador/affiliate program?

We offer ambassadorships to select individuals within the catching community. Please contact us and describe why you feel like you would be a good fit for an ambassadorship with KGS Baseball or reach out for more information.

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