While it is not a requirement by any means, access to equipment greatly aids your training capability. At the professional level, there are tools that we use everyday in order to mimic a game like setting or emphasize a feel. For example, the CRT Belt is part of our daily receiving routine/warm up before games. While you definitely do not need every training tool out there, there are certain items that can benefit you and help you get the most out of what you're doing while training. Below are 10 items that we feel can help you during your training as a catcher:
CRT Belt: the CRT Belt from KGS Baseball helps to build strength and reinforce efficient receiving mechanics while training. We feel strongly that this tool is a great compliment to any catcher's training routine regardless of which mechanical style you elect to use. We want to make sure we are not losing strikes for our pitchers - using the CRT Belt absolutely helps with that.

Junior Hack Attack: over the years, this has been the best pitching machine in terms of effectiveness and ease of use for the price. There are more/less expensive options on the market, but this is our top pick for a pitching machine. Sports Attack's warranties and customer service have always been great. A pitching machine is an investment; access to one (especially for advanced catchers) is largely beneficial for all areas of skill work. Make sure that you always wear proper protective equipment when completing machine work!

Training Gloves: we love Valle Training Gloves. The quality and feel of these gloves is great. Period. Training gloves are excellent for pocket awareness, transfer control, and other skills like blocking, plays at the plate, pop ups, etc. We intend on dropping a training mitt during 2023, but in the meantime you should definitely check out Valle!

TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Ball Set: in terms of training receiving strength and movements, weighted balls are important for glove timing, strength, and control. We love pairing weighted ball work with a CRT Belt to train and prep receiving mechanics before higher intensity work like machine receiving or catching bullpens. You can also use plyometric balls for arm strength/health. We also recommend using MARV Balls for the same reasons. Their seamed weighted balls allow for a better feel of mechanics while throwing in our opinion.

TRX Training Slam Ball: if you have used one of our programs or are a fan of medicine balls as part of your catching work, this is a good solution in terms of durability and usability. Other alternatives are okay as long as there are meant to be thrown/slammed.

C25 Underload/Overload Machine Baseballs: great for pairing the benefits of weighted ball training with machine work. While receiving/transferring these balls, you have to control both heavier and lighter weights. The 3OZ underload balls are great for blocking without the same impact as a normal ball. Again, make sure that you always wear proper protective equipment when completing machine work!

Jump Rope: this one is pretty simple - get a jump rope and improve your coordination and footwork. For a premium option, RPM Speed Ropes are buttery smooth and super durable.

Foam Roller: properly warming up and taking care of your body are important to maintaining your health behind the plate. A foam roller is a great tool to get the body ready to go and also for recovery. The TriggerPoint foam rollers are our pick. A more basic foam roller will also provide the same benefits.

WebGlov Mini Training Glove: this unique training tool is affordable and fun. The tiny pocket reinforces and challenges your focus, timing, coordination, etc. Pair with some miniature wiffle balls and have some fun. For a really challenging setup, use the WebGlov Glove while wearing a CRT Belt.

SKLZ Speed Ladder: again, improving footwork, coordination, and speed are very valuable areas for catchers. Get on the ladder and get to work!

A few things that we left out include tennis balls and regular baseballs/softballs, which can be found locally in most places. By no means is this list comprehensive or completely applicable to you. There are many options out there for training equipment. That said, these are some of our favorite options for catching training tools/equipment. Regardless, we hope that you continue to get in some solid training and bolster your skills behind the plate. It's been an absolute pleasure to see the growth from both our in-person and remote clients, and we're excited to continue to help as many athletes as possible improve in their career in the future!

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